Our References

Sport gymnasium, Šiauliai

Two gyms floors and walls installed in newly build sport complex. Material installed Mondo Mondoflex II. Total amount 2100 m2 of floor and 200 sqm of walls.

Vidūno gymnasium, Šilutė

Playwood S14 sports floor in Oak.

Lauryno Ivinskio gymnasium

Compact 45 sports floors insalledin newly built sports center.

Romuvos progymnasium, Šiauliai.

Italian sertified sports floor Dalla Riva installed.

Jovaro progymnasium, Šiauliai

New basketball court installed with Mondo Sportflex Sealskin.

Sports center, Kelmė

In newly built sports center Plywood S14 sport floor installed.

Sports centre, Molėtai

New Tarkett Multiflex M sports floor with beech top layer installed in renovated sports centre.

Dainų progymnasium, Šiauliai

New Tarkett Omnisports Reference 6,5 mm sports vinyl installed in renoveted school sports hall.

Šaltinio progymnasium, Tauragė

Sports floor in oak.

Dubysa sports school, Šiauliai

Tarkett Omnisports Excel 8,3 mm vinyl sports flooring was installed over wooden substructure.

Sports school Modulis, Tauragė

Sports floor in Oak.

School, Joniškis

Rubber sports floor Mondoflex II.

School, Kuršėnai

Grabosport vinyl sports floor.

Ateities progymnasium, Šiauliai

Sports floor Playwood Rubber.

Santarvės gymnasium, Šiauliai

Tarkett Omnisports vinyl sports floor.