About us

We started our journey in the year 2007 and since then, have succeeded in implementing various projects in residential, public, commercial, industrial and sports building sectors.

The word 'INTERO' translated from Italian means: something that is whole, entire or full.
It is important for us that each project is implemented in its entirety: from consulting and submittingthe most appropriate proposal, to the execution of the project and maintaining its quality, control and long-term warranty.




We value our customer’s time and thus strive to implement each project in time. It is our commitmentto lay equal importance to all work and complete them within set deadlines.
Our believe: “Do today what can be done tomorrow”

Continuous improvement

We are glad to have implemented so many unique projects over the years. We are constantly tryingsomething new. We welcome challenges that provide us opportunities to improve and innovate, whichlead us forward.

Value for money

Our promise: “Not the lowest price but the best quality at the right price”

Quality andprofessionalism are the key principles that guide us. We keep our goods and services to the higheststandards. Working professionally is simply a matter of honour for us.

Exceptional results

If you a job well people will remember you, if you do a job perfectly they will comeback.

Our slogan is: “Live your own style”. A tasteful interior is important both at home, where we can relax, and at work, where we spend most of our time. It is also essential in public buildings (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc.). The minimum measures – high-quality flooring and furniture, sports coverings – can create exclusive home, sports and work environments. Cosy interiors come from properly selected colours, patterns and textures. Small accents can also help create a large space.